Our Story



Pepper Lunch was created by Mr.Kunio Ichinose from his experience as a chief in the first class in Tokyo. He has an inspiration to create the new innovation of hot plate. In 1990, he opened steak restaurant name “Kuni” at Ryogkoku Tokyo by using the new innovation of hot plate for consumer to dine premium steak without going to the hotel restaurant. In 1994, Pepper Lunch was presented on Hotel & Restaurant Exhibition in Tokyo and was established the first branch at Ofuna, Kanakawa. On June 2005, Pepper Lunch received the trophy on branch of New Business Development from Japan Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department.

Nowaday, Japanese steak are popular. It has more than 100 branch in Japan and expand widely in many country such as Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippine and also Thailand which was opened it first branch on November 2007 under the administrate by Central Restaurants Group (CRG) who are the leader of food and beverage industry in Thailand. Every menu are served on 260°C all ingredient such imported Pork, Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Organic vegetable and special sauces originate from Japan.

Our strong point is every customers can cook the food by themselves including the pattern of dinning Japanese style which makes your lunch delicious fast and remunerative.

Our Concept

At Pepper Lunch, you are our master Chef. We assemble the finest & freshest ingredients on our patented sizzling hot teppan and you simply immerse yourself in the culinary and wholesome experience of

"Sizzling it your Way"

Secret of the Iron Plate

With its unique design patented in Japan, the iron plate is part of the successful formula of Pepper Lunch. Using a special electromagnetic cooker also patented in Japan, the iron plate will heat up to 260°C in 70 seconds and remain hot at approximately 80°C for more than 20 minutes. Meat that is grilled at this temperature range remains tender and juicy. The hot plate also keeps food warm for a longer time such that customers can enjoy the full flavour of the dish.

สูตรลับความอร่อยจากเปปเปอร์ ลันช์

  • พริกไทย สด ใหม่ ทุกวัน
  • ต้นตำรับเนยและซอส สูตรพิเศษจากญี่ปุ่น
  • คัดสรรเนื้อวัว นำเข้าชั้นดี


Because you know what you like

experiment with our exquisitely crafted sauces to create a taste of your own!

Base on experience for 30 years, CRG becomes the leader of food and beverage industry in Thailand by having fast-food multi-brand under the business trademark over 11 brand such as

Mister Donut, KFC, Auntie Anne’s, Pepper Lunch, Chabuton, Cold Stone Creamery, The Terrace, Yoshinoya, Ootoya, Tenya and Katsuya.

At the present, CRG opened for service over 820 branches by being concentrated in creativity of the continuously quality product including the development of all shop atmosphere to be modern and conform to the consumer lifestyle.